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Why Ankara?

  1. 16 well-known high-quality state and private universities

  2. Part-time job opportunities for students

  3. Clubs and social life, parks, and large shopping centers

  4. Smooth transportation, fewer traffics

  5. Ankara is the capital city of Turkey with a hot and nice summer, beautiful warm spring and cold winter 

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Average Living Costs

General Costs Per Week
  • Housing: 120-250 TL per week

  • Food: 70 TL per week

  • Transportation: 20 TL per week

  • Gas and Electricity: 25 TL per week

  • Internet: 10 TL per week

  • Other: 50 TL per day

Accommodation Costs
  • Governmental Dorms (KYK): Fee is (168-285 )TL per month per person with 3 times meals a day which is included in this price

  • University’s  Dorms: (200-450) TL per month per person, students can eat in cafeterias 2 meals a day for a cheap price of around (2.5-3.25) TL

  • Private Dorms: (500-2000) TL  for two to four bedrooms and 2 times meals a day

  • Houses: for  (2+1) or (3+1) flats  the rent is (750-2000) TL monthly and based on the neighborhood this price may change a little bit

Transportation Costs
  • Taxi : (2.70) TL/ KM with a start-up fee of 3.10TL

  • DOLMUS:  (3.5) TL

  • BUS: 1.75 TL for students, a single ticket is 4 TL and a full-fare card is 3.25TL

Utility Bills
  • Electricity: Minimum 110 TL per month

  • Water: Average of 65 TL per month

  • Natural Gas: An average of 55 TL per month, this cost increases up to 250 TL during winter

  • Internet: Unlimited Wifi starts from 80 TL per month

  • Internet on the cell phones: 29TL monthly for a package of 4GB internet,750 minute-talk & 250 SMS

Food Costs
  • Food And Resturants: the reasonable price starts from 10 TL

  • Fruits And Vegetable: it is recommended to purchase them from markets "bazaars" which are held on certain days of the week.


Attractive suburbs for students
  • Most of the universities are located in Cankaya hence many students live there.

  • Yuzunci yil, Cebeci, Dekimevi, Diskapi, Ulus, Maltepe, Kurtulus, kulej and Sogutuzu regions are the most reasonable and suitable for students in terms of transportation, distance to universities and rental houses.

  • Students usually shop in Kizlay city center where anything can be found

  • For grocery shopping, there are bazaars held on a daily basis with cheaper prices than markets.

  • Students can go to green and wonderful parks for picnic usually in Goksu park, Mogan lake, Genclik park, Kurtulus park, Dikmen vadisi, Eymir lake and Harikalar diyari (wonderland).

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