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Study Nursing in Australia

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Why should I study Nursing in Australia?

1- Average Salary is AUD 65k for a full-time job.

2- There will be near 147,000 new jobs available in the next 5 years.

3- On average, a full-time nurse works 34 hours per week which is less compared to other jobs.

4- Flexible working hours

5- There is no age limitation for becoming a nurse.

6- Australia has 11 of the world’s best institutions for teaching nursing.

7- Most of the Nursing careers are on the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List for immigration to Australia.


*The following occupations are in Australia's skilled occupation list and these will lead you to get permanent residency in Australia:


The universities in Australia are well known for the courses they provide for nursing and also, in the 2019 Ranking done by the QS World University Ranking. Australia has 11 of the world’s best institutions for teaching nursing.

Healthcare is one of the fastest growing employment sectors in Australia due to the growth of Australia’s aging population. Nursing is highly sought because of the stable and rewarding profession it is. The job satisfaction that nurses get from helping the patients is unbeatable.

There are various fields of study for nurses but as much as they need the theoretical-practical knowledge, they should be compassionate and good communicators.

Working as a nurse benefits you with being able to work in Australia as well as many other parts of the world

When you complete your degree in nursing, you can join the AHPRA, and that benefits you with so many networking and job opportunities. And in that case, you receive the recognition of the qualification in your field which gives you the opportunity of bettering your knowledge and skills continuously.

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