Hacks for minimizing your living costs in Australia!

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Not many people consider this when renting accommodation! From now on, you will!

You can rent a place on the outskirts of the city far from your university or workplace to reduce your rent! BUT, do you know how much your transportation costs will increase? calculate it to see if it makes sense to rent a place closer to your university, pay more rent but at the same time pay fewer transportation costs. Also, have you thought that if you save 2 hours on transportation per day, it means 12 hours per week, and it means that you could work at a casual job for 12 hours which would pay you off at least AUD 240 per week?

Does it still worth it to live far from your campus? or are you thinking about moving closer?

What else?

You may think that you can save some money by renting a room in an old building! That's true. However, did you know that you will probably pay more electricity and gas bills in an old apartment? The reason is that older buildings are not well insulated, and they don't have energy-efficient equipment and air conditioning, so you are going to pay more in order to warm up or cool down your house and also to use kitchen appliances and other household pieces of equipment. Bear this in mind! Try to find a bill-included place to rent. Also, you are going to pay less on your bills if your oven and water heating system utilize gas instead of electricity.

High transportation costs? Expensive GYM membership!

Have you considered walking to university? It will reduce your transportation costs and at the same time will help you lose weight and have a fit body. Run in the mornings! It will refresh your mind and body and no need to pay for the GYM.

Food is quite expensive in Australia but you are smarter!!

Buy your food ingredients from the chain stores especially Aldi. You can buy one icecream for AUD 5 at a local shop whereas you can buy the same one at a chain supermarket for less than a dollar. Besides, did you know how much you could save by preparing your own food instead of eating out? Cooking can be very easy. Try it. You will be amazed by how much you can save by cooking at home.

Don't be a fool!

Want to have fun? Go to movies or hang out? You don't need to pay the full price.

There are dozens of apps and websites offering on sale tickets all around the year. So you can go to movies for half price or eat out much cheaper than usual.

Don't leave things to the last minute!

Book your fun trip 3 months in advance. The price will be quiet reasonable.

Consider online shopping!

you can buy many products much cheaper when shopping online rather than from a retail store. Also, do shopping at the sale seasons especially late June.

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