Birmingham, Peterborough, Leicester, York

  • Dusemond courses focus on the English language learning through site visits

  • They accept 10-17-year-old international students

  • Dusemond has 4 different school campuses in the UK.

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What your child will experience

1- Learning English

  • 15 hours of English lessons per week.

  • ? students in each class

  • Our programme includes specific academic sessions on excursion destinations that the students will take at the weekend. Through these interactive sessions, our students will not only practice their English but they will also gain a wider appreciation of British culture!

  • Interactive online materials replacing paper textbooks

  • Stimulating learner autonomy

  • Focus on communicative tasks

  • Use of latest classroom technology (e.g. Metaverse: augmented reality)

  • discussions and teamwork activities


2- Sports and Fun Activities

  • Football

  • Tennis

  • Swimming

  • Basketball

  • Drama workshop

  • Dance

  • Fashion

  • Rocket building

  • Movies

  • Games

3- Excursions

  • Students go on full-day and half-day excursions visiting cultural cities of England including London, Oxford, Cambridge, Birmingham, York, Leicester, Manchester, etc.

  • Students travel in their groups accompanied by group leaders.

  • Day visits include entrance to museums, galleries, London eye, 

Your Child's Wellbeing


1- Safety

  • 24 hrs contact with Dusemond Staff

  • Welfare team on site

  • Staff live in houses with students

  • Nurse on site every morning (Only Rugby)

  • Good links with local doctors and hospitals

  • All staff have current DBS checks

Mental Care


​    Accommodation

  • Accommodation is provided in the school's campus

  • Children stay in single, twin, or multi-bed rooms

  • Boys and girls have separate dormitories

  • Food

  • Children enjoy a varied choice of delicious, nutritious and well-balanced meals for breakfast, a three-course lunch, supper, and mid-day snacks

  • Laundry

  • Laundry services are provided weekly free of charge

Admission and Costs

1- Admissions

  • Important Dates:

  • 1- The summer school term dates are different for different schools. Please refer to each school's section.
    2- The applications deadline: Late March

  • International Studentz will make the admission process fast and easy for you. Contact us today.

  • We help you with all the paperwork, registrations and planning.

  • Vacancies are limited so we suggest that you start the process as soon as possible preferably before November.

2- Costs

  • The tuition fees are as follows:
    1-weeks program-730 Pounds
    2-weeks program-1405 Pounds
    3-weeks program-2115 Pounds 

  • The tuition fee includes accommodation, food, laundry, English and academic lessons, activities, excursions, airport pick-up, and drop-off

  • The flight is not included. It depends on the flight that you choose.

  • The visa application fee is not included.

3- Visa 

  • It can be quite a hassle to apply for a UK visa. We have got you covered.

  • We will help you with all the applications and will book your appointment.

  • The visa application fee is 600 pounds

  • You need to apply at least 3 months before the date of travel.

Dusemond has 4 different locations

1- Rugby School

  • Ages – 10-17

  • Dates
    Turn 1: July 8th to July 22nd
    Turn 2: July 22nd to August 5th
    Turn 3: August 5th to August 19th

  • Located in Rugby town, Closest Cities – Birmingham and Coventry

  • Closest Airport – Birmingham 45mins

  • Excursions for the 2-week program:
    -Full day London
    -Full day Liverpool
    -3 half-day visits to Birmingham, Blist Hill, and Bristol


2- Oundle School

  • Ages – 10-15

  • Dates
    Turn 1: July 2nd to July 16th
    Turn 2: July 16th to July 30th
    Turn 3: July 30th to August 13th

  • Closest City – Peterborough

  • Closest Airport – Luton – 1hr 15
    Birmingham – 1hr20

  • Excursions for the 2-week program:
    -Full day London
    -Full day Oxford
    -3 half-day visits to Great Yarmouth, Stratford upon Avon+Warwick, and Leicester+Stamford


3- Uppingham School

  • Ages – 10-15

  • English+Sports

  • Dates
    Turn 1: July 2nd to July 16th
    Turn 2: July 16th to July 30th
    Turn 3: July 30th to August 13th

  • Closest City – Leicester

  • Closest Airport: Birmingham – 1hr20

  • Excursions for the 2-week program:

  • -Full day London
    -4 half-day visits to Lincoln, Sheffield, Nottingham+Leicester, and Cambridge


4- York School

  • Ages – 10-15

  • English+Drama+Art&Design

  • Dates
    Turn 1: July 8th to July 22nd
    Turn 2: July 22nd to August 5th
    Turn 3: August 5th to August 19th

  • Closest Cities:  York and Leeds

  • Closest Airport: Leeds – 1hr
    Other Airports
    Manchester: 1hr30

  • Excursions for the 2-week program:
    -Full day Liverpool
    -4 half-day visits to York, Manchester, Whitby, and York